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COVID-19 : A New Emerging Challenge Of This Century

Admin | Digial Marketing 3 months ago | 953

Corona infection is most likely perhaps the most serious issue we are confronting today. It is fairly acceptable to state that Covid-19 is likely one of the intricate infections of this century that have caused serious monetary strife for any nation. More than 177 countries have been influenced up until this point and it appears there is no other simpler approach to receive in return. Up until this point, new instances of Corona infection has developed one of the greatest tests of this century and since the main case have been accounted for back in the month of November in China, their administration appears to have lost an immense number read more

Step-By-Step Guide To Learn How To Make Your Website Design Responsive?

Admin | Web Design & Development 3 months ago | 953

When you are a beginner, you need to know that over the past years, the whole web platform has changed drastically from desktop to mobile. It looks appealing when it comes with proper screen dimensions to any devices you like. So with responsive website design, you can do this. But if you are a greenhorn, it might be befuddling for you. But at this time responsive web design can lead you to more conversions and growth in business.  What is responsive web design? read more

Basic Things You Need To Know Before Building A Rich Text Editor (WYSIWYG)

Admin | Web Design & Development 2 months ago | 953

In today’s world people continuously create and share content with others. Even in some cases, people need to work together through the internet. A rich text editor helps people to create content on the go. Also, more than one person can work on the same project at the same time on these rich text editors. There are already many rich text editors available on the internet. For example, CKEditor, summer note, and Google Docs are some of the successful rich text editors. In this article, you will know how these text editors work. Also, you will get to know the basic things before building a rich read more

Top 10 Essential Laravel Packages In 2021

Admin | Web Design & Development 2 months ago | 953

It is essential to stay ahead in competition when you are dependent on business applications. To perform better you need to optimize your business app with the best Laravel packages. So here you should pick the best Laravel development services to speed up your site with low server resources. What Are Packages Called?As a PHP developer, you must be familiar with the architecture and its applications. One of the application's main goals is to make life easier for developers read more

Protecting WordPress With Open Source Web Application Firewall ModSecurity

Admin | Web Design & Development 2 months ago | 953

Are you in search of a reliable open-source web application firewall? There are many free WAF( web application firewall) that offer you the freedom to change the coding depending upon your projects. The finest open-source WAFs are ModSecurity, WebKnight, IronBee, NAXSI, and Shadow Daemon. They can defend your web apps against malicious requests, bot assaults, and a variety of other web dangers. The OWASP core rule of MOD Security,  advancing WordPress development Services and protect them from any malicious attack. read more

JavaScript Object Notation (JSON): One File That Becomes Your Entire Code Base

Admin | Web Design & Development 2 months ago | 953

JSON means JavaScript Object Notation. This is a standard text-based format. People use JSON to represent structured data based on JavaScript Object syntax. If you are a person who browses internet a lot, there is a chance you’ve experienced the effect of JSON. In this article we will talk about how JSON works. Also, you will learn how one JSON file can become your entire code base.  JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)In simple words, JSON i read more

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