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The Salient Features of the eLearning Solutions Software

Quick Enrolment Process with Online Software for Training

The students or trainees can enrol into any of the courses/batches as per their convenience and make payments on the portal offering online software for training. On the other hand, you can make use of the portal’s bulk enrolment facility and admit students in large numbers for specific courses/batches.


The state-of-the-art Learning Management System provides you with the facility of uploading course materials in the form of engaging videos and PDFs pertaining to any subject or training module. The course materials can be easily managed at your end through additions, deletions, or modifications. A student or trainee can visit the relevant section(s) of the eLearning solutions portal and access course materials for which he or she has enrolled.

Setup Class Schedule with Online Training Software

The eLearning website allows you to set up the class schedule for various courses or training programmes. For online classes, the students or trainees can visit the relevant section of the eLearning solutions portal and find out details of the classes. The online training software suite gives users the facility of accessing the video recordings of all courses/training programs irrespective of the day/week/month/year.


Evaluation forms an important part of any training or learning programme and offers an insight into the level of understanding of the students/trainees. As one of the prominent eLearning website features, the assessment module completes the cycle of learning. You can upload and manage the assessments for any course/subject/training program in both MCQ and subjective formats. The assessments in the MCQ format deliver results immediately. The module comprises features such as data validation, number of attempts, timer, report generation and skip ability. It allows you to create question banks and upload bulk questions as well.

Specialists’ Guidance from Software for Online Teaching

Our innovative and comprehensive eLearning services let the students/trainees get their queries resolved by contacting the subject matter experts within timelines. This feature makes the eLearning management system interactive and user friendly. The modus operandi of the software for online teaching is simple – students or trainers log their queries on the specified section while the subject matter experts analyze the same and post responses in a swift and timebound manner.


Each organization has its own scholastic or business goals. Our visually attractive, engaging, and highly interactive eLearning website design lets you create your eLearning strategy, curriculum, or storyboards for any course, subject or training programme. We create and host the eLearning solutions website exclusively for your organization, one that reflects its look, feel and essence.

Easy to use Admin Panel

The eLearning solutions portal can be easily managed from the backend through an easy to use admin panel. It functions as a centralized control for modules such as user, course and assessment and allows you to create user types. The panel helps you to manage static content pages like terms & conditions, privacy policy etc., and set up adhoc schedule for classes, meetings & discussions.

Mobile Friendly

In a day and age where mobiles play an important role in disseminating information or provisioning services, the features of our eLearning solutions website can be easily accessed from a mobile platform. This helps the tech savvy students or trainees to keep in touch with the learning or training programmes on the go.

Report Generation

Each and every segment of the eLearning portal is capable of generating a comprehensive report to help you study and analyze the performance level of students/trainees, list of courses, number of students enrolled etc. The reports generated by the software for online teaching provide an insight into the progress of students/trainees undergoing various courses or training programmes as part of the eLearning management system.

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